THING 4 Thoughts on Blogging

Since this is my first experience with blogging, I am amazed every time I go to a blog and receive valuable information for free.  I am amazed at where links and comments take me.  I am amazed at what grabs my attention.


The quality of blogs varies greatly.  How interesting it is to return to a favorite blog and see what the blogger has made available and enjoy the great comments.  It is exciting that the bloggers are willing to share their information for free.  Christopher Blizzard refers to just how life changing the web is when he compares it to other important technology steps in the past.  He hopes that video production on the web will begin to be open to all.

Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams have created a video, Mastery Learning That Works; the link to the video is on the right column near the bottom on Delicious on dy/dan.  Their enthusiasm is contagious.  It is exciting to hear about their classrooms and how they are able to work with small groups during the class periods.  They make the class lectures available in podcasts so that students can review them rather than their sketchy notes for their tests.  There is more time available to enhance the lessons, because students take responsibility for their learning.


It is crazy just how far afield a reader can go when following the links.  In a blog on brevity, there is a link to a blog on whether students continue to blog after blogging in class.  Both blogs are interesting, and the second blog is filled with comments.  They were honest and interesting to read.  (As I am really beginning to buy into the benefits of blogging for all students, I was surprised to see that some lose interest so quickly and do not see the relevance of reading blogs outside of the classroom.  Interesting.)

Use the links in this blog, and you will find interesting and valuable information.


Blogs grab the attention of the reader with a picture, graph, or drawing.  The words and their arrangement on the page make a blog compelling.  A title or a phrase will draw the reader’s eye to something the blogger really wants the reader to see.  Also, the number of comments and quality of them can make the reader want to read the blog more carefully to see how their opinions match the reader’s.  It is interesting to see that some blogs have won awards and just how long they have been at it by looking at their archives.

3 thoughts on “THING 4 Thoughts on Blogging

  1. Ruthanna,

    Thanks for your very thoughtful and thorough reflections in your first three entries to your blog. Great job!

    When reading blogs and following links in the posts, it is very easy to get lost out in cyberspace, isn’t it? At times, I can’t even remember where my starting point was! 🙂

    Happy Blog Reading! Jerrie

  2. Hi Ruthanna,
    I especially like the idea of students working together in small groups on an activity or project, then subsequently working as a team to put together a lecture or review for a podcast presentation, or an effective study guide, or a digital textbook featuring the significant components of the assignment.
    Enjoyed reading your posts!

  3. Hi Righanna,
    I am surprised that all of this information is out there for free too. I have come across some blogs and chat areas in the past but would quickly leave them. I thought I was in the wrong place and really didn’t understand how I got there.
    Jerrie is right, once you start following comments and links it is like getting lost. I realize I’m not where I had started and sometimes can’t find my way back!
    I sure am glad that I am not the only one who is new at this.
    (My children are finding great humor watching me fumble through this journey!)

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